MammoR Automatic Mammograph Produced


A. Zh. Atachkin*, A. N. Gurzhiev, S. N. Gurzhiev, V. A. Dobritskii, S. A. Zimin, M. G. Kirichenko,  A. V. Kostritskii, and V. P. Novikov

This work describes specifications of a modern domestic film mammograph available from ROENTGENPROM  JSC. Serial production of this mammograph began in 2008. This was the end of the first stage of development of a  series of mammographs. The second stage included manufacture of the MammoRPTs digital scanning mammograph. This stage will be finished in late 2009. A biopsy unit compatible with this mammograph will be developed in 2010.


mammo-r-automatic-mammograph-produced-by-roentgenprom-jsc.pdf [171.2 Kb] (cкачиваний: 90)